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Mangroves are evergreen, perennial woody plants and occur in the wet tropics and subtropics. They shape bushes and forests in swamps, river banks and sea shores. To survive in the mostly muddy, oxygen-poor soils, they are stilt roots, air and breathing roots. They are very tolerant of salt and always require warm waters.
Some mangrove species produce for propagation a variety of seeds and strategies. The most interesting are the live-bearing (viviparous) seeds, i.e. the seeds germinate in the fruit already on the mother plant to a seedling. If the seedling is ready, it falls away from the parent plant, where it planted itself in the muddy ground and is anchored by the formation of stilt roots.
Our assortment include both types of mangroves that grow in salt or fresh water, such as "Rhizophora," as well as species that can be cultivated in substrate and kept as a container plant, for example, "Barringtonia".

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Coix jacryma-jobi

Conocarpus erectus

Ipomoea aquatica

Iris pseudacorus

Thalia dealbata

Heritiera littoralis*

Barringtonia acutangula*

Cyperus alternifolius

Cyperus ustulatus

Intsia bijuga

Thalia geniculata

Cyperus exaltatus

Cyperus papyrus

Nelumbo nucifera 'Yellow'

Schumannianthus benthamianus

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