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Pistacia vera

Pistacia vera
Echte Pistazie, Pistachio Nut

laubabwerfender, ausladender, dichtkroniger, zweihäusiger Baum bis ca. 9 m mit wechselständig angeordneten, ledrigen, grau-grünen Blättern, bestehend 3-5 unpaarig gefiederten, kleinen, ovalen bis lanzettlichen Blättchen. Die kleinen rötlichen Blüten erscheinen in Trauben in den Blattachseln, gefolgt von eßbaren, länglich-ovalen, fleischigen Früchten (Nüssen) mit grünem oder gelbem Kern

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Family:  Anacardiaceae Sumachgewächse Evergreen:  yes
Origin:  Asia Fragrance: 
Group:  Tree Flower:  red, reddish, pale red, crimosn, dark red
Zone:  9 Flowering: 
Hibernate:  bis zu 0°C Fruits:  Steinfrüchte
To use as:  Topfgarten, Wintergarten, Bonsai Locations:  sun to semi-shade
Toxic:  Rare: 

Sowing Instruction
Propagation: Seeds
Pre-Treatment: soak with shell ca. 2-3 days in warm water
Sowing Time: all year round > only fresh seeds germinate reliably
Sowing Deep: cover only the half of the seed with substrate
Sowing Mix: Coir, cactus soil or sowing mix + 2/3 sand or perlite
Alternative: only the top of seeds (with shell) into Seramis
Germination Temperature: ca. 18-20°C
Location: bright + keep constant slightly moist, not wet + not cover
Germination Time: ca. 3-6 weeks
Irrigation: in the growing season moderate water + protect the root bale from heavy rain
Fertilization: 1-2x during the growing season
Pests: Spider mites > especially under glass
Substrate: cactus or potting soil + 1/3 grit + 1/3 sand or perlite
Culture: bright at approx. 15°C + keep constant slightly moist
Overwintering: Older specimens bright or dark at about 5-10°C and according to ambient temperature in larger intervals and only water in small quantities that the root ball not dries out completely. Temperatures up to -10ºC will briefly tolerated.
Note: drought-tolerant!
Monday 03 December, 2012
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Pistacia vera Pistacia vera Pistacia vera Pistacia vera
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