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Welwitschia mirabilis*

Welwitschia mirabilis*


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Welwitschia, Wunderpflanze, Onion of the Desert
(5 Korn)

immergrüne, mehrjährige, zweihäusige, sukkulente Pflanze mit einem bsi zu 50 cm hohen verholzenden Stamm. Lebenslang werden nur 2 große, flache, ca. 20 cm breite und etliche Meter lange, riemenartige, ledrige, tiefgrüne Blätter ausgebildet. Die rötlichen zapfenförmigen Blüten erscheinen bei den männlichen und bläulich-grüne bei den weiblichen Pflanzen

Family:  Welwitschiaceae Welwitschiengewächse Evergreen:  yes
Origin:  Africa Fragrance: 
Group:  Perennial Flower:  greenish-yellow, greenish-white
Zone:  11 Flowering: 
Hibernate:  mind. 15-20°C Fruits: 
To use as:  Topfgarten, Wintergarten Locations:  full sun to sun
Toxic:  Rare: 

Sowing Instruction
Propagation: Seeds
Sowing Time: all year round
Sowing Deep: ca. 2-3 mm in deep clay pots
Sowing Mix: 40% coarse quartz sand, grain size 1mm, 40% perlite, grain size 1mm, 20% basalt chips. Wash the substrate thoroughly, let dry completely half of them, the other half kept moist, both sides mix well
Alternative: For better drainage add 5 cm coarse gravel in the bottom of clay pots
Germination Temperature: ca. 20-28°C (daytime) + night setback to 5-8°C
Location: bright + keep constant slightly moist, not wet
Germination Time: ca. 2-4 weeks
Culture: germinated seeds 2x at intervals of 3-4 days watering with a fungicide, as the seedlings are prone to fungal attack When the seedlings raised and develop the first leaves to keep the surface moist by spraying
Note: If the pots are subject to severe dehydration, may also be a little cautious, however, most are water with a small watering can.
Tuesday 27 August, 2013
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Welwitschia mirabilis* Welwitschia mirabilis*
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