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Hebe speciosa

Helicteres isora

Heteropyxis natalensis

Hibiscus calyphyllus

Hibiscus pedunculatus

Hibiscus pusillus

Holubia saccata

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Hymenosporum flavum

Hovea acutifolia

Hibiscus lasiocarpos

Hibiscus coccineus

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Hesperaloe funifera

Hibiscus diversifolius

Hibiscus laevis

Hybanthus floribundus subsp. addpressus

Hibiscus ludwigii

Hibiscus moscheutos

Hovea elliptica alba

Hibiscus micranthus

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hovenia dulcis

Hibiscus geranioides

Heliconia lingulata 'Red Tipped Fan'

Hermannia hyssopifolia

Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. palustris

Hibiscus coccineus 'Alba

Hibiscus syriacus

Hemigenia rigida

Hypocalymma angustifolium (reine Samen)

Hemigenia sericea

Hovea montana

Harpephyllum caffrum*

Hesperis matronalis

Hernandia sonora

Hermannia filifolia var. grandicalyx

Hebe elliptica

Hebe stricta

Hebe hulkeana

Hibiscus moscheutos (Kundenzüchtung)

Hampea platanifolia

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