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Banana plants are represented in the family of the Musaceaen with approximately 100 species and many hybrids. They are now cultivated on all continents of the earth. These plants are perennial, herbaceous, evergreen shrubs, depending on the way up to 6 m, with a hollow from leaf sheaths tribe called also pseudostem, with alternate arranged up to 3 m long dark green leaves. Only the "Musa ingens" reaches a height of up to 15 m and is the "largest" banana in the world. The overhanging, sometimes upright inflorescence consists of single row arranged flowers surrounded by bracts or bracts. The edible fruit, with ornamental bananas, the ornamental fruits develop from the flowers. The color of the fruits, actually there are varies "Berries" botanically correctly depending from green over yellow, white, pink, red, blue and purple and can reach a size of up to 100 cm. We distinguish between cooking, dessert, and ornamental bananas, where the flesh of plantains fried, grilled or baked, raw in dessert bananas, consumed. The fruits of the ornamental bananas are usually not edible. The edible berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and absolute pick-me-up.
In this category we offer us currently available seeds of different species. You can download a guide to the cultivation and care of bananas as a PDF file Banana plants (Musa+Ensete) Sowing guide)

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Musa acuminata

Musa acuminata ssp. microcarpa

Musa balbisiana

Musa coccinea

Musa mannii

Musa ornata 'purple'

Musa itinerans 'Burmese Blue'

Musa violascens - NEW!

Musa yunnanensis

Musa zebrina

Musa itinerans forma India

Musa sp. 'Helen's Hybrid'

Ensete sp. (Kluay Pa)

Ensete ventricosum

Musa itinerans var. formosana

Musa aurantiaca

Musa ornata 'aurea'

Musa bukensis - NEW!

Musa borneensis var. flavida

Musa hirta

Musa salaccensis

Musa violacea

Musa griersonii

Musa campestris var. campestris

Musa tuberculata

Musa maclayi var. erecta - NEW!

Musa lawitiensis - NEW!

Musa chunii

Musa itinerans var. kavalanensis

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