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Labichea lanceolata

Lagerstroemia flos-reginae

Lagerstroemia indica

Lechenaultia biloba

Leea guineensis

Lepechinia hastata

Lessertia perennans

Lonchocarpus capassa

Lophostemon confertus

Loxostylis alata

Lindheimera texana

Leycesteria crocothyrsos

Lavatera plebeia

Lobelia inflata

Loropetalum chinense

Lonchocarpus muehlenbergianus

Lafoensia glyptocarpa

Lessertia frutescens

Lonchocarpus rugosus

Lechenaultia floribunda

Leucaena leucocephala

Liabum saloyense

Leonotis nepetifolia

Lysiloma sabicu

Labichea lanceolata subsp. brevifolia

Lavatera arborea

Lavatera arborea variegata

Lespedeza bicolor

Liquidambar styraciflua

Liquidambar formosana

Labichea punctata

Lawrencia berthae

Lawrencia viridigrisea

Lycium ferocissimum

Leycesteria formosa

Ledenbergia peruviana*

Lachenalia stayneri

Lysidice rhodostegia - RARITÄT!

Lachenalia pallida

Lopholaena coriifolia

Leea guineensis purpurea

Lobostemon fruticosus

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