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In this section, the species and varieties are listed, which were marked as unavailable and are now available again, as well as species and varieties that are seasonal and dependent on harvest only temporarily available.

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Acokanthera oppositifolia

Cassia hybrida

Tacca integrifolia*

Mimosa caesalpiniifolia

Araucaria araucana*

Casimiroa edulis*

Podranea brycei

Choerospondias axillaris

Diospyros digyna*

Rhamnus prinoides

Jacaratia digitata

Duabanga grandiflora

Diospyros malabarica*

Brownea grandiceps* - RARITÄT!

Macroptilium lathyroides

Argyreia pierreana

Diospyros cathayensis

Millettia speciosa

Pueraria wallichii

Syzygium hainanense*

Annona cacans - Rarität!

Annona crassiflora - Extrem selten!

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